What is it like to work with a non-traditional, non-stereotypical, non-diet, weight-inclusive [and radical] dietitian?

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What is it like to work with a non-traditional, non-stereotypical, non-diet, weight inclusive dietitian? Here is what I can say about what I do as a non-diet, weight inclusive [and radical] dietitian.

I will not...

  • Demonize what you are eating/not eating

  • Put you in a strict meal plan

  • Promote value-based health behaviors (aka you are a better person if you eat or don’t eat xyz food, you will be deserving of proper healthcare when you lose weight or change your eating)

  • Center nutrition care around your body shape/size

  • Promote diet culture

  • Promote exercising for the sake of changing your body size/shape 

What may come up in sessions together (ie. what you can expect):

  • Compassionate care rather than a fear mongering approach to health. I see our work together as a partnership...a collaboration.

  • Asking permission and asking for consent all along the way in things we discuss and work through. I think it is really important to do so throughout our entire time together.

  • Discussions about what is important to you in your life (your values)

  • Exploring more than just than the physical aspect of your health. Our relationship with food intersects with more than just our physical and emotional health.

  • Discussions around social determinants of health

  • Respecting your voice and your choices

  • Grieving (grieving things such as how your body is versus what you wish it was). Grieving is an important part of the body acceptance process.

  • Enjoyable movement (my scope is expanded a bit to include physical activity because of my degree in exercise physiologist and additional training in this area)

  • There’s a good chance we won’t talk about food (or eating or even physical activity) the whole time

  • If desired, you can have the space to say and/or feel whatever you need to- anger, frustration, joy, empathy, sadness, excitement, etc. You do not have to compartmentalize if you do not want to. Any and all emotions are welcome. All of you is welcome.