The Role of a Dietitian


I do not believe the role of a dietitian (or other healthcare providers) is to fix people...though a lot of us dietitians have been trained that way. I don’t think it’s effective when we try to “fix” a person’s health or health behaviors. 

My work with clients is a collaboration...It’s a partnership. I work WITH my clients.

I no longer view myself as an expert (though that was how I was trained and how I started off practicing)...that creates a power dynamic which I don’t believe serves human beings. 

I don’t believe our role (my role) is to change our clients or even convince them to change. When we try to do that, I believe we actually get in the way and we are no longer supporting or helping. As recently said to me by a very wise and amazing mentor and fellow radical dietitian, Dana from Be Nourished, “our role is to explore with our clients the possibility of change”.