Eating disorders have no age limit.

Recovery from an eating disorder has no age limit either!

Eating disorders have no age limit. Eating disorders aren’t a “young person” or an adolescent/teenager disease. Eating disorders can develop at any point in time and at any age. Just because someone is of a certain age doesn’t mean they’re immune. Yes, adolescence and childhood experiences can be vulnerable times in our lives that can influence eating disorder development but so can many experiences in our adult lives.

Regardless of your age, if you find that:

  • You feel that your value as a person is dependent upon reaching a certain weight or body size or looking a certain way

  • You spend hours per day thinking about food, your body and/or exercise

  • Food, exercise and/or trying to manage your body size/shape dominate your life

  • You try to restrain or restrict your food intake to achieve a desired body size/shape

  • You feel that you have to compensate for the food you consume (ex. Exercise to earn your food or use exercise to “burn” calories)

  • You get upset with yourself for eating foods our society has labeled as “unhealthy”

  • Experience distress when ‘safe’ or ‘healthy’ foods aren’t available

  • You are cutting out an increasing number of food groups (ex. all sugar, all carbs, all dairy, all meat, all animal products)

  • You only allow yourself to eat a narrow group of foods that are deemed “healthy”


…and especially if these things are interfering with your quality of life, you deserve to and you can find peace in your relationship with food, your body and exercise.

Furthermore, just as eating disorders have no age limit neither does recovery from an eating disorder. Recovery from an eating disorder has no age limit either!!

What is also important to say is that a majority of eating disorder treatments are still designed to provide care for the stereotype- young, cis-gendered, females of upper middle class. We still have some work to do to make treatment and care more accessible for all.


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