Using nutrition science to complement our intuition (instead of the other way around)


Thought for today...What if we used nutrition science (including research) to complement our intuition rather than using our intuition to complement science?
A lot of numbers and mechanisms can be involved when trying to understand nutrition, the role of food in the body and our physiology/how our body functions. This can certainly help us out in understanding what our bodies may be doing but it can’t and doesn’t explain everything. And I think the emphasis ends up being placed on the science/research and this can overshadow our unique and specific body and what our own body needs.
I think many of us are taught to listen to all of these external sources about our body in helping us understand it rather than turning inward to listen to and understand the language our body uses to communicate with us and what our own body is telling us. Or we’re taught to listen to the science first and then our intuition second. But what if that was reversed? What if we could use our body (our intuition) first and then use science to complement that in helping us understand and care for our bodies? 


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