* Virtual Sessions Available *

This includes folks who live outside of the state of Georgia as well. Feel free to contact me for more information!

Reasons to Meet with Me

  • You have been diagnosed with an eating disorder and/or are concerned you have an eating disorder

  • You believe your eating habits are unstable and/or disordered

  • You have difficulty identifying hunger/fullness body cues

  • You find yourself constantly thinking about food and/or your body size/shape

  • You feel guilty for eating certain foods

  • You feel guilty if you miss a day of exercise

  • You feel that food dominates your life

  • You feel that you have lost control around food/eating

  • You think you might be ready to ditch dieting

  • You don't know how and/or what to eat anymore

  • You don’t want to go on another diet, but you don’t believe your current eating habits are serving you

Rates & Insurance

Initial Session (75-90 mins): $200

Follow-up Sessions (50 mins): $130

I am currently "out-of-network" with all insurance companies. You may wish to inquire with your insurance provider about coverage for out-of-network services as sometimes you can get reimbursed. If you do have out-of-network benefits you wish to use, please note that you will be responsible for paying for services in full at the time of your appointment. I can then provide a superbill, statement or receipt for you to submit with your reimbursement claim to your insurance provider. I recommend contacting your insurance provider prior your first appointment to inquire about reimbursement. 

Before Our First Session

Before your first appointment, you will receive an email with a link to my client portal and will need to review and sign the Notice of Privacy Practices and Practice Policies, complete the Intake form and upload payment method information. Please complete all documents/forms prior your first appointment. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions/concerns. 

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