Office Accessibility

Office Building

  • Accessible parking spots and sidewalk ramps

  • The building is ADA- compliant. My office is on the 2nd floor and accessible by elevator or by stairs (located on either side of the elevator). The elevator exits right in front of the doors to the waiting room.

  • ADA-compliant restrooms on the 1st floor. There are restrooms on the 2nd floor where my office is located but it is, unfortunately, not ADA-compliant.

  • Unfortunately, neither gender neutral restrooms nor single stall restrooms are available within this office building. I recognize that this is problematic and apologize for this lack of inclusivity.

Waiting Area

  • The waiting room is open and equipped with numerous wide, non-armed and padded chairs.

Bethany's Office

  • Seating includes a loveseat and a chair with arms (see center photo above)

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any specific needs, concerns or questions. I believe all bodies are good bodies and seek for the office to be as inclusive and accessible, as possible.