Bethany is now the sports nutrition consultant for

Canton Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation and Club PT!

Individual Counseling - Sports Nutrition

It could be beneficial to meet one-on-one with me if you are an athlete (of any level), enjoy playing sports and/or enjoy being active, but do not feel like you are properly fueled or feel your performance is impacted by nutrition. It may also be beneficial to meet with me if:

  • You experience GI issues, particularly with high-intensity activity

  • You believe your eating habits are unstable and/or disordered

  • You are not sure what is truth versus myth when it comes to nutrition information

  • You have difficulty identifying hunger/satisfaction body cues

  • You feel that food dominates your life

  • You feel that you have lost control around food/eating

  • You have tried fad diets and the results have not been long-term

  • You don't know how and/or what to eat anymore

If you are interested in individual nutrition counseling, click here to contact me. 

Group Sessions - Sports Nutrition

4-Week or 6-Week Group/Team Education Series Email for pricing

What is included:

  • Weekly group education sessions (1 per week), including 2 food demonstrations for 4-week series and 3 food demonstrations for 6-week series

  • Rapport-building with athletes and staff

  • Handouts/print material for athletes to take home each week

*Longer series available for additional cost upon request

Sample group education topics:

  • Meal/snack timing considerations for the athlete

  • Meal and snack composition to maximize sport performance

  • Hydration

  • Macronutrient basics

  • Food demonstrations

  • On-the-go/travel nutrition

  • Balanced meal planning

*Topics are encouraged to be tailored to the team’s needs/interests